Alcohol Poisoning


This is a serious condition. It happens when you drink a lot of alcohol very quickly. The alcohol overwhelms your body. Alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency. It can kill you.


Alcohol poisoning can happen to anyone who drinks too much alcohol. It's a danger for people who binge drink. That's when you have many alcoholic drinks in a short time. If you're male, you are binge drinking when you have five or more drinks within two hours. If you're female, you are binge drinking if you have at least four drinks in two hours. Alcohol poisoning is also a danger for young children. That's because they may drink alcoholic beverages or household products without knowing what's in them.


Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include confusion and vomiting. The person may pass out and have seizures. Their breathing may become slow and irregular. Their body temperature may drop, and their skin may become blue or pale. These symptoms are serious. Do not ignore them. Do not leave the person alone, especially if they are vomiting. Call for medical help as soon as possible.


A person who has alcohol poisoning needs to be treated by a doctor. They have to be monitored while their body gets rid of the alcohol. They may benefit from oxygen therapy, IV fluids, vitamins, glucose or other treatments.

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