Alcohol During Pregnancy


When you're pregnant, you need to make sure you don't do things that harm your baby. One of the most harmful things you could do is to drink alcohol. Let's learn about how alcohol hurts your baby.

Alcohol passes from you to your baby

During pregnancy, the things you eat and drink affect your baby, too. When you drink alcohol, it goes into your blood. Then, it's passed through the placenta to your baby's blood. It goes through their body. It goes into their brain and other organs. Your baby's body can't process alcohol as quickly as your body does. So the alcohol has a bigger affect on your baby than it does on you. And the more you drink, the more harm you cause.

Fetal alcohol syndrome

What problems does alcohol cause? Alcohol raises your baby's risk for fetal alcohol syndrome. It's a group of serious defects that impact the body and mind. It causes issues like poor growth, heart problems, and difficulties with thinking and speech. It causes behavioral problems, too. These effects are lifelong.

Is any alcohol safe?

Is any amount of alcohol safe? No. When you find out you're pregnant, stop drinking alcohol right away. Avoid it entirely throughout your pregnancy. If you have more questions, talk to your doctor. And if you're having trouble avoiding alcohol, ask for help.

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