After Your Joint Replacement Surgery


You've had a joint replacement. Now it's time to start your recovery journey. Let's see what you can expect as you heal.

Recovery room

We begin in the recovery room. This is where we monitor your heart rate, breathing and temperature as you wake up. We check your IV lines and make sure you aren't in pain. We ask you questions. We may ask you to pee.

Longer stay

You'll likely need to be hospitalized for a few days. So we take you to a room where you will be comfortable. Lying in bed for long periods can cause problems like fluid in your lungs, bed sores and blood clots. So we ask you to do things to prevent these.


It may surprise you how quickly we get you up and moving. Physical therapy is good for your new joint. We'll show you how to do this safely.

Going home

When you go home, your activities will be limited for awhile. But it's bad to stay in bed all day. It's bad to sit for long periods. So get up and take short walks. Keep up with your physical therapy.

Extra care

You'll need to take extra care on stairs. You shouldn't lift anything heavy. And you won't be able to drive right away. We'll let you know when it's safe to do these things.


By following your care plan, you can make sure your recovery is a good one. For more info, talk to your doctor.

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