After Cataract (Secondary Cataract; Posterior Capsular Opacification; PCO)


This condition may develop after cataract surgery. It is a clouding of the lens capsule in your eye. Its affect on vision can be similar to the problems caused by a true cataract.


The eye's lens capsule is a thin, clear sac. It surrounds the lens. In an eye that has undergone cataract surgery, the natural lens has been removed and this capsule holds the artificial lens. An after cataract develops when a thin layer of cells from the lens remains inside the capsule following cataract surgery. These cells begin to regrow and multiply. This causes the rear of the lens capsule to become thick and cloudy.


If you have this condition, your vision may become blurred and hazy. You may have problems with excessive glare.


This condition is treated with a procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy. This is a quick, effective and painless technique that restores your vision.

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