Adjusting to Parenthood


Becoming a new parent is exciting. After months of waiting, you finally get to meet your baby. But adjusting to your new life can be difficult. Let's talk about what to expect.

Mixed emotions

Parenthood triggers a range of strong emotions. Some are good, but some can be bad. For example, you may suddenly feel much closer to your partner. And you may feel like you've accomplished a goal. But you may also feel anxious and stressed. You may feel like you don't know enough to properly care for a baby. You may worry that you need a bigger home, or a job that pays more. And you may resent that you've lost some personal freedom. These negative feelings are normal. They don't mean you're a bad parent.

Getting back to normal

If you're a mother, you know pregnancy and birth take a toll on your body. After baby gets here, you may deal with exhaustion, physical pain and body image problems. You may not have much time to be alone with your partner. And, even when you're together, you may not have any desire for intimacy. This can be difficult for your relationship. But be patient. With time, you will start feeling like yourself again.


Parenthood is a challenging job, but it's also a rewarding one. Don't be too hard on yourself if it's not exactly what you imagined. If you're having trouble coping, or if you're feeling depressed, reach out. Tell someone you need help.

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