This condition affects a woman's uterus. The uterus is also known as the "womb." With adenomyosis, the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus grows into the uterus' walls. It thickens the walls. It also still acts the way it does when it's in the uterus. It gets thick and breaks down with your menstrual cycle. This can cause problems.


Why does this happen? Well, we don't know the cause. We know estrogen (the female sex hormone) controls the growth of this tissue. Your risk for this condition is higher if you've had uterine surgery. It's higher if you've given birth. And, adenomyosis may be more common in middle aged women.


You can have this condition and not have any symptoms. Or, you may have things like heavy, prolonged periods, cramping and pelvic pain. And, your uterus may enlarge.


Treatment depends on your needs. You may benefit from medications to control pain and heavy bleeding. You may benefit from surgery. Your doctor will create a care plan that's right

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