This is an inflammation of the adenoids. These lumps of spongy tissue help the body fight germs. The adenoids are found high in the back of the throat. They're behind and above the uvula (the bit of fleshy tissue that hangs in the back of your throat).


What causes the adenoids to become inflamed? It happens when germs infect this tissue. For some kids, adenoid infections are a frequent problem.


What are the symptoms? Inflamed adenoids make it harder for air the flow from the nose to the lungs. So a child with adenoiditis may breathe through their mouth. Their breathing may be noisy. They may snore. They may briefly stop breathing at times when they sleep. And they may sound like they have a stuffy nose when they speak.


How do we treat it? Treatment depends on your child's age and the type of infection. Sometimes, adenoiditis is treated with antibiotics. If that doesn't help, we can remove the adenoids with surgery. We may take out the tonsils at the same time. The doctor will create a care plan that's right for your child.

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