ACL Reconstruction (Hamstring Graft Method)


This surgery replaces a torn anterior cruciate ligament. We call it the "ACL." The replacement is made from part of your hamstring tendon.


To begin, you're put to sleep. A small incision is made to reach the hamstring. Parts of this tendon are removed. They are braided together to form your graft.

Replacing the ACL

Next, small openings are made in your skin. One is for an arthroscope. That's a small video device that lets the surgeon see inside your knee. The others are for surgical instruments. The surgeon clears away the torn ACL. Then, tunnels are drilled in the bones of your knee. The graft is pulled into position and secured. As the new graft heals, it will strengthen.

End of procedure

When the procedure is done, your knee is bandaged and stabilized. You're watched in a recovery room, and then you can go home. Follow your surgeon's instructions as you recover.

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