ACE Inhibitors


The full name for these medicines is "angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors." They are pills that lower your blood pressure. We use them for many conditions. They help with high blood pressure and heart disease. They also help with diabetes, kidney problems, migraines and other conditions.

How do they work?

How do they work? ACE inhibitors keep your body from making an enzyme called "angiotensin II." The enzyme narrows your blood vessels. By blocking this enzyme, your blood vessels can relax and widen. Then your blood flows more freely.

Are they safe?

Are ACE inhibitors safe? They are used safely for the treatment of many conditions. But they can cause some people to feel lightheaded or dizzy. This may happen when you first start taking your medicine. It may also happen if your doctor increases your dose. They can also cause a dry cough. Tell your doctor if you have these issues.


There are many brands of ACE inhibitors. They aren't all the same. So read the instructions for your medicine and follow them closely. For more info, talk to your doctor.

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