Abnormal Uterine Bleeding


This is bleeding from your uterus (that's your womb) that seems random or unusual. You can't trace it to anything specific. Let's take a moment to learn more.


First, why does it happen? In many cases, it's linked to changes in your hormone levels that disrupt your normal menstrual cycle. But there can be many other causes. Abnormal bleeding can be caused by things like uterine fibroids or polyps. It can be caused by infection or cancer. Some medications and blood clotting problems can cause it. It can be linked to a problem with your thyroid gland, or some other medical issue. Ask your doctor for a full list of causes.


So, what are the symptoms? Your menstrual periods may happen at unexpected times. They may last for longer than normal, or stop for weeks or months. You may have heavy bleeding. You may spot or bleed between your periods, or after sex. And you may bleed even after menopause. If your bleeding is linked to a hormone imbalance, you can have other issues, too. These can include things like weight gain, acne and changes in body hair growth. If you have bleeding after menopause, contact your doctor.

Bleeding during pregnancy

It's important to note that bleeding during pregnancy can have serious causes. So if you're pregnant and have bleeding, tell your doctor.


How do we treat it? Treatment options depend on the cause of your bleeding. Options can include things like low-do

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