Abdominal Pain in Children


Pain in the belly area is a common problem for kids. Some complain about it often. Let's learn more about this pain, and when you should talk to a doctor.

Common causes

In most cases, this pain is caused by something that isn't serious. Your child could have gas or constipation. They may have heartburn. Maybe they ate something that upset their stomach. Their pain could be linked to anxiety or depression, or some other basic issue. If so, home care will usually help them feel better. You can give them water. And let them eat foods like crackers and applesauce. Encourage them to poop. And have them lie down for awhile to see if the pain goes away.

Other causes

Sometimes, home care doesn't bring relief. If your child is still having pain, they could be having a more serious issue. Things like appendicitis, a twisting or blockage of a bowel, a stomach ulcer or a urinary tract infection could all cause it.

When to call a doctor

What are the warning sings of a serious problem? Watch for pain that lasts for 24 hours and doesn't get better with home care. Is their pain severe? Did it start suddenly? Are they vomiting or having trouble breathing? And do you feel like something just isn't right? Your child may be having a medical emergency. Contact their doctor immediately.

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