AAA Repair (Endovascular Method)


This strengthens a weakened, bulging aorta. That's a large artery in your abdomen. You'll have one or more flexible tubes, called "stent grafts," put in your aorta to support its walls.


To begin, most patients are put to sleep. The surgeon makes a small cut in your groin to open your femoral artery. That's a large artery that provides a path to your aorta. With the help of a video x-ray device called a "fluoroscope," the surgeon guides a thin, flexible tube called a "catheter" into the femoral artery and up to your aorta.

Stent graft placed

Now, the surgeon places the stent graft. It's a thin, collapsible tube. It goes up along the catheter to the weak area. Then, it's expanded. It gives your aorta support. More than one stent graft may be placed as needed. Finally, the catheter is removed.

End of Procedure

After the repair, you'll be monitored as you wake up. Follow your surgeon's plan for a successful recovery,

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